Identify Material for the Kitchen

kitchen sets design modern furniture
kitchen sets design modern furnitureWood material that is widely used today include:
Solid Wood
Plywood / Multiplex
Particle Board
Solid wood has advantages for immunity to water than the multiplex, MDF or Particle Board. And also the most powerful pegangnya against spikes earlier than three ingredients. But solid wood and easy to crack because of shrinkage or expansion due to the influence of weather.
Materials to two widely used to make plywood or kitchen set is better known as the multiplex. Multiplex is made of several layers of wood sheets. This material has advantages such as solid wood, although not as good as solid wood, but weak on the wide side which easily absorbs water so easily vulnerable. These shortcomings can be overcome by coating finishing material that is waterproof.
While the MDF and Particle board is almost the same advantages. Both are made from wood dust, MDF is made from wood dust finer than particle board. But more easily absorb water so easily vulnerable.
kitchen sets design modern furniture
kitchen sets design furniture
kitchen sets design natural furniture
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